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Rugs & Other Kinds of Cleaning. Most Frequently Asked Questions

Prepare For Our Visit

We strongly suggest to vacuum your rugs before our technicians come.  We will appreciate if you empty your rug from any furniture & other stuff. We also suggest to make sure that you removed everything (tiys, coins, pins etc). We strongly recommend to remove all valuable, fragile or easily damaged items (such as glass, electronics etc) to avoid any possible damage. We assume the area around the couch, chair or other item to be cleaned is safely located to avoid any damage or loss.

How Long Does It Take To Clean My Rug (Couch)?

Usually it takes up to an hour or two (for couch) depending on the condition and type of your rug.

How Long Will My Rug (Couch) Dry?

You can expect it to dry from 3 up to a day (for both couch and rug) to dry depending on previous condition (if its stained or not, how long it has not been cleaned before professionally)

Does ® Company Use Chemicals?

We use only professional cleaning solutions like “Powerburst” and “Powerhuse” for shampooing service. These products are absolutely eco-friendly.  Moreover these product are pet friendly.

Do Technicians Move My Furniture?

Our Technicians will move your chairs and tables absolutely for FREE. Although they will not move  couches, sofas, china cabinets, beds, dressers and other bulky stuff heavier than 50 pounds.

How Often Does My Rugs (Carpets) and Furniture Require Professional Cleaning?

The frequency depends on the usage of your rugs (carpets) or furniture.  For example, door rugs need regular cleaning every 3-4 month. A Rug in 1 bedroom apartment with 2 tenants needs cleaning every 6 month.  Couch or sofa needs cleaning every 6-12 month depending on the type of fabric and how much it is trafficked.
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