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Carpet Cleaning NYC Service

carpet cleaning service in nyc
  • Clearly Stated & Described Services
  • No Cheap “Steam Only” Prices
  • No Gimmicks For “Shampooing or Stain Removal In Your Apartment”
  • Deep Shampooing Services Are Included
  • Organic Cleaning
RugsCleaning.nyc offers New York City residents professional carpet cleaning services. Well-trained technicians (all are checked for criminal background) along with the professional equipment and shampooing yteeeans will turn your dull and dirty carpets into an absolutely new condition with pleasant smell and inviting look.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process:

  • The assessment stage;
  • Pre-vacuuming stage;
  • Shampooing stage (we use professional cleaning pre-sprayals like PowerBurst from Prochem. * Our technicians use special covers for your floors to avoid any damages.
  • High-pressure Steam Extraction stage with the use of professional carpet cleaning machine (up to 450 psi pressure);
  • Grooming stage;
  • Deodorization stage;
  • Stain  Removal Service (*by request: price includes this service);
  • Scotchgard protection (to avoid stains for longer time). * by request (our price does not include this service).
carpet cleaning service        

Only Professional Heavy-duty Carpet Cleaning Machines

At RugCleaning.nyc we use only professional heavy-duty carpet cleaning machines which are considered as one of the best portable carpet cleaning machines in the field. We use different carpet cleaning machines (starting from 120 psi high-pressure steam) depending on the condition and amount of work assigned to our technicians. Moreover, our employees are trained to use machines in proper and safe ways.carpet cleaning equipment 

100% Guaranteed Satisfaction by RugsCleaning.nyc

We provide our clients with 100% guaranteed satisfaction policy.  If you are not satisfied with our carpet cleaning services – our technicians will redo cleaning again to meet all even highest expectations.
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